If you’re interested in folk art, traditional artisan work, style and colour or interior design then you wouldn’t want to miss the Feria Maestros del Arte being held in Chapala in Mexico. Take a look at a selection of artisans who will be featured at the Fair this November. Our fascinating cultural immersion tour to the small neighbouring village of Ajijic includes access to the Feria and an opportunity to meet the artists. The itinerary can be found by clicking here.

Don’t miss the additional article by Marianne Carlson talking about the history of the Feria, why she felt compelled to establish it and the volunteers who make it possible for these artisans to continue to maintain these traditions and earn enough money to support their families and villages.

Every year the Feria is proud to present grandes maestros (great masters) who have been featured in the landmark publications by Fomento Cultural Banamex.

José Abraham Ruiz (Mexico) – finely carved
bone miniatures. “The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art” in which Don Roberto Ruiz
(father) is featured.

Alfonso Castillo Orta Family  (Puebla) Trees of Life, ceramic figures. “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

José Juan García Aguilar (Oaxaca) ceramic figures. His famous grandmother, Josefina Aguilar – featured in the book “Great Masters of MexicanFolk Art” will also be attending the show.

Juana Gómez Ramírez – (Chiapas) –intricate ceramic jaguars, pots, and other ceramic items. “Great Masters of Latin American Folk Art.”

Manuel Jerónimo Reyes – (Michocán) famous black ceramics from
Santa Fe de la Laguna. ”
Great Masters of Latin American Folk Art.”

Nicasio Pajarito González(Jalisco) the famousbarro canelo (cinnamon) pottery of Tonalá.
“Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

Cesar Torres Ramírez (Puebla) talavera pottery.
“Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

La Flor de Xochistlahuaca(Guerrero) fabulous hand-woven garments. The grand maestra, Florentina López de Jesus (1939-2014), who began this cooperativa is featured in the book”Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art” and “Great Masters of Latin America.”

Maleni Cruz Uc – (Campeche) handwoven Panama hats from huano or jipe (palm fibers). Her grandfather isfeatured in the book “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

Ofelia Madariaga & Gloria Leticia Villajuana(Yucatán) hammocks. “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

Magdiel Garcia Hernandez(Mexico) hand-etched glass.
“Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

Felix Bautista Martínez(Oaxaca) silveryalalagcrosses and necklaces. “Great Masters of Oaxacan Folk Art.

Gorgonio Candelario Castro(Colima)traditional hand-carved wood masks. His father was featured in the
book” Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

José Ojeda – (Jalisco) world-famous handcrafted knives. “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art”, and “Great Masters of Latin America”.

Pedro Ortega Lozano(Mexico) traditional papel picado as well as cut paper work done in foil. “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.”

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