Why travel with us?

Our destinations and itineraries are designed for astute travellers looking for more than just a ticking of boxes of ‘must see sights’.

Our aim is not to see as much as possible but to experience as much as possible.

Being able to connect to the history, culture and community of diverse locations around the world we believe is what makes travel such an amazing and worthwhile experience.

What are the advantages of small group travel?

With a small group of 12 or less we’ll have the advantage of being able to jump queues and gain priority access to museums and archaeological sites.  We open doors to private homes and palaces that are otherwise inaccessible to tour groups and independent travellers.

Do you use local guides?

The local guides who accompany us are personally selected for their deep knowledge, passion and ability to bring to life the places we visit through the stories they tell and the historical facts they recount.

They will share with us the reality of daily life as well as the historical significance of the location, its architecture and the peoples who have inhabited the region.

They also know the best places to eat and will make recommendations and bookings for you on those evenings when you’re free to explore at leisure.

What Style of Accommodation do you use?

4 star hotels of charm and character including small private and family owned hotels.  We stay longer in each place with less packing and moving.  Single travellers will enjoy the comfort of a double room provided for single occupancy.

Are beverages with group meals included in the tour price?

Wine/beer and soft drinks are included with all group meals.

Why is there a discount for shared accommodation?

In the traveller’s perfect world, everyone would be charged the same amount for their room, whether they were alone or sharing with a partner. In the hotelier’s perfect world, all rooms would cost the same, whether they had one, two, three or ten people sleeping there. The world we live in is closer to the hotelier’s vision, where rooms cost the same regardless of occupancy. Two people can split the cost of a $200 room, paying $100 each, or one person can pay the full $200. When expressed as a per person cost, this looks like a $100 reduction.

We negotiate hard with hotels, to keep single-occupancy prices as low as possible, but as long as hoteliers charge per room and not per person, this iniquitous situation will endure. The only obvious alternative—having couples subsidise solo travellers—strikes us as even more unfair.

Big Yellow Suitcase makes no profit from the single supplement.

How do I pay the deposit?

We need a completed booking form before we can take any money. On receipt of the booking form we will email you the bank details to transfer the funds for the deposit or to one of our recommended travel agencies if you prefer to pay by credit card.

Can I pay in a currency other than Australian dollars?

Yes, but we recommend paying in Australian dollars. As we’re a business registered in Australia, our banking is done in Australia.   If payment is made in other currencies an exchange fee is incurred by the banks. .

Why is my deposit non-refundable? If I change my mind about this tour, can I transfer my deposit to another tour?

Deposits cannot be refunded or transferred because there are set costs that we incur on each tour: hotel deposits, for example, have to be paid up to a year in advance of every departure.

How do I cancel my booking?

For legal reasons, we need to receive your cancellation either in writing or by email to info@bigyellowsuitcase.com.au

How much of the total cost of the tour is forfeit?

Please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ in our online Booking Form

What if Big Yellow Suitcase cancels the tour?

If BYS cancels, you will be fully refunded unless the cancellation is due to ‘Force Majeure’ or Government travel advice. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

How soon before departure might BYS cancel a tour?

Tours that fall short of the minimum number of participants may be cancelled any time up to 8 weeks before departure, but in practice it is rare for anything to be cancelled less than 3 months beforehand. We may decide to cancel a tour at any point up to the moment of departure, if going ahead would constitute an unjustifiable risk to safety.

Is it safe to go to…?

We monitor the travel alerts from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via its website www.smartraveller.gov.au. Safety, always, is the concern that overrides all others.

I am a vegetarian. Will this be a problem?

We always pass on any dietary requirements in advance of every meal.

I’d like to prolong my holiday. Can I extend my hotel booking?

Yes. At least, we can get a quote from the hotel. Bear in mind though that it is not unusual for hotels to offer a cheaper price to individuals than to tour companies, especially close to departure, so you may be better off booking independently.

I’d like to move on to a different hotel at the end of the tour. Can I do this through you?

We can extend existing hotel bookings but we cannot make new ones. We are however happy to provide advice when possible with the proviso we cannot resolve problems that may arise from individual travel decisions.

Can you book my connecting flights?

Big yellow suitcase is not a licensed airline ticketing agent.

Can you arrange an itinerary for my extended holiday?

We would be happy to suggest pre and post tour options to complement the tour.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for your tours?

All our tours can be enjoyed by anyone between 18 and 88, as long as you’re willing to engage with the local people on their level. Some activities may include longer walks and uneven cobblestoned streets where a reasonable degree of fitness is advisable but as with all BYS tours, the options are numerous and we don’t compel anyone to do something outside their personal comfort zone.

What is the average age of participants on an BYS holiday?

The age range varies between 40 and 60 depending on each tour. All Big Yellow Suitcase guests share a love of travel and new experiences, regardless of age.

Does Big Yellow Suitcase arrange insurance?

No, you must arrange your own insurance. Private medical insurance is one of our conditions of booking.

What does my insurance need to cover?

We recommend that your insurance should cover, as a minimum, cancellation before the tour, hospitalisation while on tour, and repatriation in the case of severe illness or injury.

I am a solo traveller, will I be the only one in a sea of couples?

It is highly unlikely that you would be. On average at least half of the people on each tour are traveling alone.

Why don’t you include all meals and activities.

We find that the majority of our clients prefer to have some independent time and meals. However we will be able to assist in recommending and organizing additional activities or finding a suitable restaurant and most are more than happy to get an (optional) party together for an outing or to dine on independent evenings.

Is there a dress code on your tours?

In the vast majority of cases, no. Some of our clients like to ‘dress up’ for dinner. We neither encourage nor discourage this. Occasionally a particularly grand restaurant will require a certain level of smartness, but we will advise about this well in advance.

.Do you work with travel agents?

Yes. We have a working relationship with a number of travel agents which we can recommend or your preferred travel agent can book our tours. Tours can also be booked direct with Big Yellow Suitcase.

I have a complaint.

If any aspect of our tours has failed to reach the standards we set ourselves, we would like to know about it. Please contact info@bigyellowsuitcase.com.au

How can I provide feedback about my experience with Big Yellow Suitcase?

Your feedback on any aspect of our tours or service level would be welcome and appreciated. Please contact info@bigyellowsuitcase.com.au

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