Why not visit Barcelona for a pre-tour experience before joining us in Sicily in early June. Vueling the Spanish discount airline offers much more than your average cheap flight offer. If you take the Optima fare up to 23kg of luggage is included in the price. Most other discount airlines charge extra for luggage.   This is great for international travellers who need more than an overnight bag.

A direct flight from Barcelona to Palermo in Sicily on 1st June has an Optima one-way fare of just 70 Euros.

The planes are new, I found the service on ground and in the air to be very good and the free baggage allowance and the less jackboot style approach to carry-on luggage was a relief.  Young students didn’t have to board the plane wearing most of their wardrobe to try and avoid additional luggage charges.

You don’t have to be starting your journey from an airport in Spain as Vueling fly extensively throughout Europe.

It’s worth checking them out www.vueling.com

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