The Fair that Supports Genuine Mexican Art and Artisans

Artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico

The Mexican art scene is undergoing tremendous change. A culmination of circumstances which include low-cost machine-manufacturing, cheap import copies from the far-east, and artisans moving to urban areas to earn a living (and thus abandoning their crafts) are causing original artworks to yield to second-rate, mass-produced pieces which are neither authentic nor a true reflection of genuine Mexican art.

Chapala Lake local, Marianne Carlson founded an art festival that seeks to raise awareness for genuine Mexican art and the Master Artisans who bring it into being. Feria Maestros del Arte, now in its fifteenth year, has become an important stage for genuine Mexican art.

Mexican art has a long and rich history that stretches back to pre-Hispanic times, with artists applying techniques and styles to their works which have been handed-down through countless generations: these are the works which retain and reflect an authenticity that only hand-made original art can convey.

Marianne and her team scout all of Mexico seeking the best art and artisans, and invite them to Feria Maestros del Arte. The artists have their expenses covered by the organization, and are not charged any fees for attendance, so they keep every peso in income from the sales they make at the fair.

The fair is unique. This is an art market where you’ll find a carefully curated collection of Mexican art works, crafted and sold in-person by the country’s finest living artisans, and where you can be assured that the art you purchase is hand-made in Mexico, and authentic in every sense.

Over 100 artisans will be present, offering an abundance of high quality and diverse art pieces for buyers to choose from, including:

Panama hats, the classic and timeless hat, made in Bécal, in the state of Campeche on Mexico’s Gulf coast

Handmade footwear, including fashionable ethnic shoes from Oaxaca

Kitchen utensils, including knives from the famous José Ojeda family

Wooden art works, including Alebrijes which are hand-carved wooden animals, individually painted and every one unique

Catrinasskeleton dolls, hand-made in plaster and individually painted. They are one of the most traditional artwork displays for celebrations around Day of the Dead

An abundance of ceramics, including barro betusbarro canelobarro bruñido, black ceramics, and high-fire ceramic

Unique Mexican jewelry, including silver Yalalag crosses, pieces made from recycled aluminum, cloth, and other materials

Woven art including beautiful rebozoshuipiles, blouses, and more

Straw art, including papier-mâché, hand-made paper amate, and hand-made hammocks using traditional materials

Furniture made of chuspata (a type of reed), and equipales (traditional Mexican furniture)

The artisan fair is held on the second weekend of November in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Join us in November 2019 for our annual tour which includes a guided tour of the Fair to meet and spend time with the individual artisans.   We also have a not-to-be-missed tour to Chiapas in southern Mexico in February 2019 focused on textile and pottery artisans who we’ll meet in their village homes to see them at work. A deep insight into the time and skills required to create these unique pieces using the ancient traditional methods. In both tours you will have an opportunity to purchase investment level art direct from the artisans.

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