There are banner signs along the freeway in Sydney with the heading Detourism.  I have no idea what’s being promoted as I never get past the headline. I read it as Detour-ism which is something that I entirely embrace although some would possibly see it as an affliction.

“I’ll just walk a bit further and see what’s around the next corner”.

“I’ll just drive down this side road and see where it leads.”


Detourism-02The unplanned and unexpected have invariably provided the highlights and best memories of my travels.

They’ve also played a pivotal role in the way the Big Yellow Suitcase experiences have been designed.   No rush, there’s always the time and opportunity for those of us for whom ‘Detour-ism’ is what makes the difference between a good journey and a great one.

I am excited about all the places we visit but the little village of Ajijic in the colonial heartland of Mexico is my favourite place to indulge in ‘Detour-ism’.  There’s a treasure around every colourful corner.

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