A proudly independent traveller for several decades I’ve recently discovered what I’ve been missing.  Having just completed hosting a BYS group to Greece I followed up with a trip alone to a new destination for me, Romania/Transylvania.  My  light bulb moment.

In Greece, the coach was there to meet us every time we needed to move from one place to another. Equally, the local guide was on hand to not only provide relevant and entertaining insights into places and events but also to direct us to the best restaurants and cafes for our free time.

In Romania, by contrast, I spent a good part of each day working out how to get from A to B and navigate the public transport system. Not to mention taking pot luck on my restaurant choices.  I spent precious time delving into guide books and online searches to  try and understand what I was seeing and put it into context.

Independent travel can be fun, as the unexpected as well as the unplanned often deliver the most interesting and memorable experiences.  However, few of us, even retirees, have the luxury of the extra time and money necessary to travel in this way.

It’s just heaven when the hard work is done by someone else and you can dedicate your time to embracing and enjoying each destination in full.

Time is just too precious to waste on less than stellar experiences and ordinary food.

Big Yellow Suitcase boutique small group travel aims to deliver a perfect balance between group activities and free time to explore alone or with newly made friends.  We’ll take care of all the more frustrating aspects of travel leaving you free to relax, soak up the ambience and focus on the delights of the destination.

Solo travellers will enjoy the comfort of a queen size room without being hit with an expensive single supplement charge.  We’ll stay longer in each place with less packing and moving.   Take a look at the destinations and unique experiences on offer  in 2019 and 2020 and join us and experience the BYS delights of travel for yourself.

boutique small group travel tours transylvania

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