Best Useful Travel Websites for Independent Travellers

As an inveterate traveller half of the fun of planning a new trip is the research. For those of us with the time and inclination the research extends the life of the trip way beyond the actual time away.

I’ve shared below my most frequently accessed sites.  Whether you’re an independent traveller or looking to fill in a few days before or between our small group tours I’m sure you’ll find these useful.  If you have some sites that you’ve found particularly useful why not share them with us.  Just click on the ‘Comments’ below. or for the best prices for flights, hotels and car hire. for the best way to travel from any a to b the man in seat 61 will provide all the information you need for train or ferry travel worldwide eating in a chef’s home not as cheap an option as it used to be but still a great way to live like a local rather than a tourist in a hotel. an upmarket version of Airbnb – this one comes with a concierge service.  They have private homes on offer for holiday rental in London, NYC, Paris and LA. city walking tours with a difference. for a great selection of boutique hotels. daily food, wine and cooking tours recommended by my friend Laurie who loves the travel articles and lists of best of …

Over to you … share your go to sites.

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