With a population of less than 5 million this small country positioned between Nicaragua and Panama and the oceans of the  Pacific and Caribbean punches well above its weight in the world.

There’s much that our Governments could learn from this hard working, friendly and sociable people.

Here are just 8 reasons why they have so much to be happy about:


  1. A 96% functional literacy rate across their population.
  2. The first nation in the world to source 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy for 75 days in a row.
  3. A well-developed health system.
  4. A stable democratic government for the last 80 years.
  5. A free and effective system of public education.
  6. No standing army and the defence budget re-directed to pay for welfare, healthcare, pensions, and investment in sustainability and in becoming a world leader in eco-tourism.
  7. Life expectancy of 82 for women and 78 for men with more people over the age of 90 than in any other country in the world.
  8. Costa Rica requires a gender balance among candidates in elections for public office.


All this before we mention the extraordinarily rich diversity of flora and fauna, the rain forests, volcanoes, rivers, beaches and natural resources all safeguarded by national parks and reserves.


This is a destination not to be missed.  The itinerary for our intimate and unforgettable small group tour to this magic country can be found by clicking here.

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