A quick 12 point travel checklist before you leave for your next overseas trip.  A little pre-planning before you leave can save a lot of stress when you’re far from home.

  1. Always check the expiry date of your passport before departure and leave a copy with a trusted friend.
  2. Check with your travel insurance providers their policy in terms of pre-existing illnesses or conditions.
  3. Be aware of any public holidays in the countries you’re visiting that coincide with your visit.
  4. Credit cards vs debit cards – the debit card is generally the best option.
  5. At international airports and in some countries when you purchase an item using a credit or debit card you will be asked if you want to pay in local currency or Australian dollars.  Go for the local currency and avoid double dipping on exchange charges.
  6. Advise your bank and credit card providers of your travel plans – which country and when and they will be more easily able to advise you on any dodgy looking charges.
  7. Pre-book airport transfers and sight-seeing tickets and skip waiting lines and take advantage of discounts offered for pre-purchase of these services.
  8. Check which charger adapters you’ll need in each country and purchase a set of global adaptors or individual adaptors.
  9. If you are planning to make local calls purchase a SIM card when you arrive.  For global roaming be sure to receive alerts on costs as you go.
  10. Learn the basic good manners words for the country you’re in and check on any cultural issues in terms of dress and behaviour.
  11. If you’re an independent traveller and would like to experience a place in more depth – join the walking tours and discover sites like eatwith.com where local cooks and chefs host small groups for dinner in their own homes, or take a cookery class which includes a pre-class walk around the local food markets.
  12. Don’t sweat the small stuff – you’re on holiday – take your time – be polite – just breathe and remember how lucky you are to have the opportunity to travel and explore the world.

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