Wendy Hand

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For over 20 years I owned and operated a highly successful event production company designing and delivering exclusive incentive events for blue chip clients around the world.

An inveterate traveller I’m keen to share my contacts and access to these one-off unique experiences which would not normally be available to independent travellers or small group tours.

A gypsy at heart I have spent the last 3 years or more living out of a suitcase with my ‘’office’’ in the boot of my car when travelling in Australia or relying on my laptop and smart phone when overseas.  Between travelling to design and host Big Yellow Suitcase group tours I house-sit moving from suburb to suburb, State to State or country to country.  It’s a wonderful life if you don’t have family responsibilities or fear uncertainty.  Being technically homeless does present its challenges – there are still some bureaucratic regulations that demand a physical address.

The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages as I’m always meeting  interesting people and enjoying the comforts of some wonderful homes.

My early career and training gave me most of the basic skills I needed to run a small business with a background in accounting, marketing and management and hopefully age, wisdom and experience has filled in any blanks as I’ve gone along. A desire to continue learning and an insatiable curiosity about people, places, culture and community keeps the passion alive.

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