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Boutique small group travel

Looking for a genuine boutique small group travel experience .

You can choose from a selection of beautiful and fascinating destinations. Enjoy unique access to private homes, gardens and palaces.   Discover wonderful local cuisine and fine wine. Spend time with local artists and artisans.  All with a small group of like minded travellers or select a women only tour.. Perfect for solo travellers with NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS.

Why Travel With Us?

We offer a boutique style of approach to travel that delivers more than just a ticking of boxes of ‘must-see sights’.

You will stay longer in each place, pack and move less often and therefore enjoy a much more relaxed and authentic experience.

Because, if you’re a solo traveller, we know you want to enjoy exclusive use of a queen size room without being charged a single supplement.

If this describes you, then our small group tours and boutique itineraries are designed specifically with you in mind.

Being able to connect to the history and culture of diverse locations around the world is what makes travel such an amazing and worthwhile experience.

Join our boutique small group travel tours and you will experience a place more intensely.


  • visit local markets
  • take a cookery class
  • visit private homes, castles and palaces
  • have a picnic in a park
  • gaze in wonder at archaeological & artistic marvels
  • dine in fine restaurants
  • meet local artisans and artists
  • visit vineyards and discover new wines

and so very much more.

Our Local Guides

Our local guides are personally selected for their deep knowledge, passion and ability to bring to life the places we visit through the stories they tell and the historical facts they recount.

They will share with us the reality of daily life as well as the historical or artistic significance of the location.

As a small group (maximum of 10) we’ll enjoy the advantage of being able to jump queues and gain priority access to museums and archaeological sites..

Our Boutique Small Group Travel Destinations include …

  • exploring the fascinating and culturally rich islands of Sicily and Malta
  • discovering the heel of Italy, Puglia, with its strange Trulli and cave houses before heading across to the Dalmatian coast
  • following in the footsteps of the Cathars in Southern France and crossing the border into Catalonia in north eastern Spain
  • wandering the paths of the ancients in the Peloponnese region of Greece with an optional cruise to the islands
  • luxuriating in the eco paradise of Costa Rica with its extensive rainforests, volcanoes, mountains, beaches, lush jungles and unique wildlife.
  • Culturally immersing ourselves in always fascinating Mexico from our favourite small village in central Mexico home to a vibrant artistic community to the Yucatan to discover the magnificence of the Maya civilization.

Not to be missed in 2019 we’ll be heading to northern Italy to indulge in gourmet delights and visits to sumptuous palaces and with 4 days in Venice with our expert guide introducing us to the highlights of the Venice Biennale.

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